Sunday, January 1, 2017

Bye '16, hi '17!

 Happy New Year!
Head uut aastat!
С Новым годом! 

I am very aware that I'd been inactive with my posts in December - I swear, it was a busy one! 
Enjoying my 3 days off right now, drinking coffee with some Miles Davis tunes and am so ready for 2017.
Olen vägagi teadlik, et olin detsembris väga ebaaktiivne blogimises - võin vanduda, et see oli üks hullumeelselt tegus kuu!
Hetkel naudin 3-päevast puhkust (esmaspäev on vaba!), kuulan Miles Davis't ja joon kohvi. 2017, ma olen valmis.

The dorm office looks like a damn prison - kinda cool, kinda depressing and hostile.
Guyzzz, I went to a Boiler Room party. I know, I'm so cool, can't handle myself anymore.

Kalkbrenner tho 👏

Yas, it was cold and we got a light layer of snow for a few days
Tres Beijing.

Christmas parties at work - we had something going on basically every weekend! Volunteering for these events and helping out was fun, but oh so tiring.

 Remember the first pic of this post? This is how it looks like when the pollution index hits 400

Pinterest Christmas

 Views from the +86

 Guyssss, I wrote 2 articles which got published for a marketing event called 'best brands' held in Shanghai (with BMW, Huawei, Tencent, Airbnb etc. as participants). Proud moment.
 Celebrating our copywriter Willo's bday at cafe Sambal with some Malaysian food

Trips to salad bars for lunch

 For moments like this...

I love this area of Beijing. The density and business. This is how it's supposed to be.

Damn, H&M in Sanlitun looking good after renovations
First time shopping at COS. Where has this store been whole my life.

Sanlitun, u a gem
Last selfies of 2016 - to a new rockin' year full of success, laughter, new learnings and love! 💕


Kristi said...

tead, ma ikka käin koguaeg su blogi piilumas ja sa kiirgad nii palju rõõmu, et ilus on vaadata! u rock ja loodan, et su 2017 täidab kõik su unistused!

Kriss said...

Hihii, nii lahe! :) Aitähaitäh! Ilusaimat uut aastat sullegi, palju kordaminekuid, sära ja üleüldse head :)

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