Friday, April 28, 2017

Spring Things

 That time Bettybetsbets was in town and we went to Ramo to catch up on life

This place is the Beijing legend - it's open 24h and you can get delish food at any time of the day. And I mean, just look at the facade of Jindingxuan (the name of this place aka 金鼎轩)
 This was beginning of April - probably my favorite month in Beijing. Not too hot, not too cold, everything is blooming and the days are getting longer.
 Oh yes, and our Shanghai resident Taago was visiting me over Qingminjie and we had loads of fun - visiting Mao and stuff.

798 art district
In Wangfujing
 Coke bottles from Japan with Sakura design!
I can't deal with how cute this is.

 With bae Agnes at Ramo (I've been a frequent visitor this month)
 Now that the spring is here, the pollution days are also pretty much over!

 Sunshine gives me hope - maybe some day I'll be done with my thesis and I can laugh about the stress it gave me

These hutongs are so perfect. How. I'm so in love with Beijing all of a sudden.

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