Saturday, June 10, 2017

It's been a wild ride

 Random assortment of random events in my life ca. end of April until ~now~
I thought all I've done has been related to work and my thesis, but apparently it's been a bit more. 
Yeah, I'm pretty content with my life so far (and to think I've been 'holding myself down' and trying to be responsible... man, it's been actually rather turbulent).
So carry on with this post!

 Okay, so my work has been BMW China related... a lot... especially these days. 
Their Sanyuanqiao office view is pretty dope tho.
 Spring in Sanlitun with +30 degrees oh my my

 This night was SO MUCH FUN. It was also one of the few last times at Fangjia hutong, which has been sadly bricked up now. Which is generally a thing now in the Jing.
We met up with my Shanghai friend Charlie (peep his IG, he's an amazing self-made photographer-videographer working for Nike, North Face, Vans, Adidas etc.) and went to Dada for the Organic party. The entire club was decorated with lush green plants and the music was bomb and people were so vibin' and free... ah, such a fun an sweaty night full of dancing!

The AQI is getting better with summer! Look at these mountains!
For Labor Day, I did my spontaneous trip to Shanghai. Basically my friend Bohan was performing at Strawberry, so he just Wechatted me on Saturday and after giving it a 10 min thought, I just bought a ticket for next morning. 
Such a fun 38 hours in Shangers!

 Pudong side - lol the side I never visit. Didn't feel like Shanghai, really. More like a 2nd or 3rd tier city. So quiet. 
Then we headed to Puxi side and that already felt like the real deal - the Shanghai I know and love. 

 Hotel brekkies 
Day 2 at 草莓音乐节 a.k.a. Strawberry festival. It was kinda surreal, cause we met up with the Higher Brothers  at the hotel lobby (Bo & the boys are all from Chengdu originally, collab for 88rising, which is the LITTEST label & channel on Youtube - and ofc, they are old friends.)
Anyway, we jumped on their tourbus and drove with the cool little carts they drive artists around and hung out, so that was pretty cool.
They're all adorbs haha despite their appearance. 
Also, how cute is DZ with this autograph I asked for Jennifer Bin? (She's a fan of his)
Lol and Melo.  

Post-show hangs
Ugh, and back to the Jing after this surreal trip to my reality and thesis.

 The situation.
The thesis set up.
Nah, just watching Lena Dunham's 'Girls'. 
That show gives me hope ha.
 A walk around hutongs and Houhai with my girl Aggie

 "Pretent we're in the nature!"

 Also, last weekend we went to the pool!
Hadn't done that in 2 years, so I'm pretty stoked about my tan!

So on Friday, Alan  (my Chinese little brother from Beijing ha) texted me, that Higher Brothers are having a show in BJ on Saturday and we should get tickets. Literally 5 min later, Masiwei himself texts me, that they just landed in Beijing and having a show the next day and whether I wanna come. I was like... um, yes! So fate had a weird way and I could follow up with Alan, that we don't need tickets, Masiwei put us on the list lol. I swear, Alan freaked, cause he's the biggest fan.
After pool, food and nap, I met up with Alan and we went to see the Higher Brothers. Let's say it was packed and hot and sweaty - Beijing loves Higer Brothers.

 Since I'd made myself pretty and stuff, I didn't feel like heading home, so I called Aggie and we just went for drinks to Migas. And ended up in Kokomo. Fab night, good times.

 Monday after work it was all about my dear Nakki who was celebrating her birthday at Q-Mex!
Both me and her have had same anxieties over our theses and supervisors, it's been ridiculous haha

Burritos, margaritas, pizza and friends, what else do you need on a Monday?

 CBD tho
 Someone was camping on the campus yo

 I love Beijing.

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