Saturday, March 17, 2018

Life is a Series of Surprises

Spring air and sunshine - I guess it's time to wake up from hibernation and get things going!
Work hard, play had - that's what it's all about from now on.
There's a few personal goals I have in mind and while I know they're achievable, it's a tough and discouraging journey. Takes a determination of a madman and the kind of cocky confidence only anyone in their 20s would dare to have. 
Then again: You don't get to drink champagne if you don't take risks.
Commitment is not a lack of freedom. 
Commitment should not be a lack of freedom. 

We’re all stumbling through this thing we call life. 

“Cheat on the chaotic stumbling-about, and you’ve robbed yourself of the raw stuff that feeds the imagination.” 
Denis Shekerjian 

And maybe that’s why everything gets boring and mundane and routine like and life loses the luster it once had.  

Life is a series of surprises. 
And ultimately, spontaneity, uncertainty, and the unknown is what we live for. 
So live.

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