Wednesday, April 11, 2018



This is me trying to compensate for the lack of posts over the past month and just adding a ton of material into one post all at once. No such thing as balance here.

But real talk - I guess this is grown up life? Finding less and less time to keep up with all the things you actually enjoy. 
Then again, nah, it's not about finding or having time. It all comes down to making time. If you truly value something, you make time and you focus. I see myself and other so often claim there's not enough tiiiime - what about those 2 hours I just spent watching Buzzfeed videos? I could have easily finished the book that's been laying untouched on my bed counter or gone for a run. 
I'm totally guilty with feeling overwhelmed by all the things I would need to do or want to do, yet finding myself putting in time for things that don't add any value to my current state. It's fine to relax and unwind once in a while, but even resting should be done with a sense of mindfulness.
The above should serve as a little reminder, to myself and to all of you who struggle with time. There's always enough time, it's all about allocating it to activities that matter ;)

But enough of chit-chat: first three photos are from Warsaw, a few from Katarina's photoshoot and some last bits of our long-lasting winter. I haven't been in Tallinn during March for about 6 years now and have totally forgotten what a cold and hostile month it is in Estonia! 
Viva la spring!

Reflections / two suns
Winter sunrise
Vitamin Sea


Katie Hunter said...

such!! beautiful!! photos!!! They have such an ethereal quality to them, I'm in awe. Also, I so totally get the feeling of having all these things that you 'dont have time to do' but could totally fit into your schedule if you made an effort. I guess its a case of prioritising?!x

Kriss said...

Right? Totally about priorities, hahah something I'm struggling with and trying to get better at!
Thank you soooo much, Katie! 😚

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