Sunday, April 15, 2018

Into the Wild


✨ Weekends like this ✨

Alright, only Saturdays. 
It's super important to find one day to unwind and for me, these days are Saturdays! 
Sunday's are quite not the same - as the day progresses, there'll pop up thoughts about the upcoming week and all the things that need to get done. Basically, while Sunday's are still for chilling, I like to start preparing for the week. So Saturday it is!
As the weather is getting better, but the city is still grey and actually really dusty, I had craved for a little mental-detox in the woods instead. A great thing about living in Tallinn is that any forest is a max. 30 min bus ride away - imagine that, the smell of moss, birds and fresh air, just at your door! Something I definitely missed while living in Beijing.
These photos were taken in the Pirita Primeval Valley and the funny thing is that I would stay at my grandfathers house right next to it, but never gone for a walk over there. I've been missing out!








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Katie Hunter said...

such lovely pics, aren't sunny weekends the best? I totally agree that Sundays don't have the same effect, I can never truly relax on a Sunday because I just know I've got work the next day... these photos made me dream of running off to find a forest and spending the day exploring!

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