Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Shopping & Korean snacks


I went shopping with Anna and her classmate Yannan - waiting for our Uber ride to arrive!
Also, it's sweet cherry season here! Yum!



This guy was showering with a water hose in front of his little garage

4th Ring road - as far as you can get from the center of Beijing (lol not really, they're building a 6th Ring road as well). But sometimes it does feel like the butthole of the world. Especially when your taxi fare goes up to 50 kuai when returning from Sanlitun (outrageous!).

Since Anna is a big fan of anything related to South-Korea (the girl learned to speak, read and write Korean by watching K-dramas), I let her introduce myself to the fascinating and delicious Korean foods. We went to a Korean shop, got some damn awesome kimchi and little rice cakes. There's some injeolmi 인절미 (top left), songpyeon 송편 (bottom left), tteok with red bean filling (top right) and then some steamed rice cakes which reminded me of the Chinese Eight treasure rice babaofan 八宝饭。 

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