Monday, May 23, 2016

Summer sixteen

 I can do my morning runs again and it feels great!
 Last weekend we met a dude at Temple bar who's in a band and got invited to their gig at 13Club right here in Wudaokou.
Night rides 

It's something... considering the fact my gym membership ran out 2 months ago
Snapchat filters give me life
So this guy - we were walking along Gulou Dajie at 2 a.m. and he just sat there sketching up the dragons at the entrance of that restaurant. So cool.
5 a.m. Tiananmen Square. Lady taking a selfie of herself with Chairman Mao. Us taking a selfie with the lady taking a selfie. The sun is rising. It's a new day.

It's like an awkward family photo

Poor school kids are being tortured at this early hour and have been made visit the Tiananmen Square on a goddamn Saturday at an ungodly hour. I mean look at us, we hadn't even gone home yet after a night at Dada while these kids are already up!
I'm living the dream life yay

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