Thursday, January 6, 2011

Quivers down my backbone

Ohmigosh, i found my old bunny furcoat from when i was about 4 and it still kinda fits me (haha, imagine, how big it was in that case, when i was 4 years old). And altough i'm an animal lover, well - the coat was so darn soft!
After freezin our butts off just to take these photos, we went inside with I. and sat all afternoon long just watching "That 70's show". I'd call this our quality time.

The wonderful mr Bowie!

Uskumatu, ma leidsin täna kapist oma jänkukarvakasuka, mida ma nii umbes nelja aastasena kandsin ja mis mingit kummalist moodi mulle veel selga mahub (haha, kui suur see mulle siis omal ajal olema pidi?). Ma olen küll loomaarmastaja, aga... see mantlike oli niii pehme!
Peale seda, kui me tagumikud otsast külmusid neid fotosid tehes, läksime sisse ja vaatasime terve pärastlõuna "Kuumi seitsmekümnendaid". Nimetaksin seda meie kvaliteetajaks.

The Guess Who - Shakin' All Over

(The song was in "Factory Girl" - When Warhol met Edie)


.sabo skirt. said...

Wow these photographs are breath taking.. you look so stylish in and amongst all of that snow!

Much love, the .sabo skirt. girls - ONLINE SHOP COMING SOON

Milla said...

lovely pictures! you have wonderfull blog :)

ladycharlie said...

Cool pics!
Love that!

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

So lovely. Enter my giveaway? x hivennn.

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

WOAH THERE. Way to brace the cold gurl, these photos are FABULOUSSSS. The snow makes me want to, like, play in the snow! Hah. I love ittt.

Josie said...

loving the leopard coat!


Не могу поверить!! ТЫ надела шубку, которую носила, когда твой рост был меньше метра? вау!!!!

она сей4ас на тебе отлично смотрится!! НУ разве мода не классная вещь =)

Nina Francesca Fairfowl said...

I love your pictures! Really nice blog :)

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