Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fruits & Ice Cream

taquwami - τiмe Δf+er τiмe
Kerti is bäkk in da hood, sel puhul tegin hunniku puuviljasalatit + paras ports jäätist sinna kõrvale. 
Kerti is back in da hood, so for this occasion I made this supaaaagood fruitsalad + we added a great amount of ice cream to it.
Lemmikpuu meil.
Our favourite tree.

Aias on megailus ja tänase väikse vihmasabinaga tulid kõik lillelõhnad niiiii hästi esile!
It's too darn pretty in the garden and with today's little drizzle, all the wonderful flower aromas very so intense!
Jee, kohe Lidlisse šoppama! Teretulemast tagasi!
Aaaand so we went shopping in Lidl! Welcme back!

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