Sunday, October 20, 2013

Instagram Catch-Up

Heartless Bastards - Only For You
 Long time no Instagram, right?

Looking back at the amazing Dior exhibition at MoCA Shanghai
Procrastination time!
More legs, this time with wakame
Shopping at a wet-market
Nanjing Road during the national holiday
Expecting a typhoon
Mornings are for working out
Rainymoody Mondays
Back to school after holidays...
... just to get sick and have a Twin Peaks marathon
Sunday at M50
View from the 18th floor of our dorm
Coffee & translating at Starbucks
Throwbacks from not that long ago
Dinner at Origin with Rebeka
Tianzifang giving out a Christmasy feeling
Continued my Friday at Perry's with some double whiskey, so hardcore. Meet Åse, my crazy Norwegian girl
Went to Ikea on Saturday, thus having the perfect Sunday morning with goddamn real coffee made with a real coffee press. I was getting so sick of instant coffee, yuck!
Now all I need is pancakes. Panckakes, coffee, good book, sunshine and lazy Sunday morning rolling into an afternoon... Yes, please.
Oh, before the coffee though... there was a great morning run through this amazing place.


miiu said...

kus on kõige põnevama pildi pilditekst? see parfüümipudelitega ja diori-kitlis tädiga? tell me more!

Kriss said...

Kõige põnevama pildi alla ei saa paraku midagi põnevat kirjutada, sest selle parfüümiosakonna tädi ainus ülesanne oli lõigata lindirullist paraja pikkusega ribasid ja neid pudelite ümber lipsuks siduda :D Kõike muud Diori näituse kohta võib leida sellest postitusest: ;)

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