Monday, June 23, 2014

Falcons X Coffee X Streets

Tunni pärast on eksam Hiina inimgeograafia aines, paar viimast päeva olen ainult seda tuupinud. Unetud ööd, liiga palju kohvi ja mõistmine, et Hiinas on liiga palju provintse. Ausõna, miks ma pean teadma, et Hunan'i provintsis on 8. sajandil elanud Dufu hauakamber, no mida ma selle infokilluga nüüd peale hakkan.
Saaks juba ühele poole selle eksamiga...
Having an exam in Human Geography of China in an hour, I've been stuffing my head with that subject for the last 3 days now. Sleepless nights, too many cups of coffee and the realization, that China has too many provinces. But really, why am I supposed to know that there's a tomb in Hunan dedicated in honor of a guy named Dufu who lived in the 8th century - I mean, what am I supposed to do with this piece of information?
Ugh, I wish I was done with this one already...

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