Monday, May 8, 2017

Strawberry Festival, Day 2

Second day in Shanghai, Monday. 
It began at Celia's, this dingy little bar close to Dada Shanghai (used to be LoGo back in 'my days' haha I feel old for saying this). 
But yeah, Monday - there was more to do at Strawberry Festival!
Okay, first of all, before we go on for a ride down the memory lane a whole week ago, I'l like to point out that Friday was an excellent day for Chinese music getting acknowledgement from Western media.
Go read the article on Highsnobiety about Higher Brothers, Bohan Phoenix and the state of underground rap scene here (klick!)
Aaaand then head over to DAZED to read about our very own beijingren Howie Lee and China's club scene here (klick!)
Since I've been mingling with all these people, I'm so very happy for them, how their hard work and efforts are getting the attention they deserve. These people honestly amaze me - they just kept doing their thing, despite difficulties in terms of the censorship, limited resources and audience not being ready... and now they're revolutionising the scene. 
My previous post had a song by Bohan Phoenix, so allow me to add something from Howie Lee and Higher Brothers this time. And then carry on with going through my pics from the Strawberry Festival!

(This song is especially beautiful when biking through Beijing hutongs. Heck, all of Howie's music is my Beijing soundtrack!)

(Chengdu rap is like the hottest thing rn. It's hard for me to understand them tho, since they rap in a southern dialect.)

DZ Know, MaSiWei, Melo, Bohan backstage
Chill after the show 

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