Sunday, October 29, 2017

Halloween '17

My favourite time of the year!
While Halloween is likely my favorite holiday within the year, I don't think I've ever put that much thought into my costumes. Last year was even worse and I didn't even celebrate in any way - very unusual in my case. 
As long as I remember myself, I've always demanded my family get a pumpkin at the end of October for me to carve and hosted little spooky gatherings for my friends at my place when I was a kid. It wasn't a really well-known holiday back then in Estonia (and I had some classmates even ask me why on earth would I care about Halloween), but I grew up watching all these TV shows and cartoons from the States and they'd always have a Halloween special, which just sparked that curiosity in me. Luckily, my mom was always supportive of whatever bizarre interests I had and actually went along with these. And my grandpa would actually start growing pumpkins on his little garden patch and keep one just for me 'til October!

 Okay, with this little detour down the memory lane... Back to 2017, Beijing, China. 
I didn't have a costume, but as we arrived at the party venue, Katerina lent me one of the wigs they had and I transformed into Candy! Haha, little black dress and a lilac wig gave off these witch/hooker vibes, so that was as good as I could do this year. 
It was super fun tho!

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