Sunday, June 19, 2016

My week in pictures

 That rainy day walk around Houhai

 Mediterranean vibes around Sanlitun
Meet my plants! I have a little aloe vera plant and a peppermint, which I occasionally drag up on the roof for some sunshine. These are really cool plants, cause I use the aloe vera to cure any skin problems and the peppermint is for making tea

 I ended up in an area that reminded me of Estonia in the 90's or Croatia a few years ago. It was so bizarre and I had this weird rush of nostalgia. Felt like home while being so exotic and strange at the same time :O

 Beetroot, apple, carrot and coconut milk smoothie :3 
That epic sunset tho
 막걸리 girlz (korean rice wine makgeolli) 
New jeanz and fake Ming dynasty vase (but tbh I'm just showing off my booty here lol)

Just me and my bananas 

 Looking at ya, Beijing!

 Just me doing normal things among climbing hills and stuff ha


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